Here at Western States Horse Expo, we promise to bring you the finest horses of each breed to exhibit that specific breed’s strengths and abilities. The ten breeds selected are shown in a high quality in hand demonstration arena. We strive to bring you the best.

Friesian Horse

The Friesian horse is very charismatic.  Their gentle and willing nature provides a strong base for versatile training.  The intelligence of the Friesian  leads to a rewarding partnership between horse and owner.  Uses of the Friesian horse are limitless-dressage, saddle seat, trail, and pleasure riding, jumping, pleasure driving, combined driving, and more!  The handsome appearance and naturally animated motion provide a noble “presence” in any show ring, parade, trail, or just in your own paddock.

Kiger Mustang 

Kiger2016editIn life or legend, no other horse is quite like the magnificent Kiger Mesteño Mustang.

Their primitive markings and striking dun coloring are extraordinary. Their strength and spirit are outstanding, their versatility unequaled.

Descendants of horses introduced to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors, Kiger Mesteños are bold yet willing to please. They are both athletic and extremely intelligent. Add their fine qualities of stamina and sure-footedness and you have an animal that excels in many disciplines, including working equitation, endurance, driving, cow work, and dressage. Breyer Horses and movies such as Disney’s Spirit have been made about the Kiger.

Peruvian Paso

This horse, one of the world’s last remaining naturally gaited breeds, is becoming a sensation among American horse enthusiasts for several very good reasons. There is “something for everyone” in this smooth, elegant animal; riding comfort, strength and stamina for the avid trail rider; calm tractable disposition so important in the family mount; arrogant, flashy presence and action which set the exhibitor and parade rider apart from others, and investment potential solidly supported by its relative rarity and increasing popularity.
Although a newcomer to North America, the Peruvian had its origins over four centuries ago in South America, where the horses brought to Peru by the conquistadores and subsequent Spanish settlers were bred selectively to produce the genetic miracle which became the “National Horse of Peru.” The judicious fusion of several Old World breeds provided the foundation for the Peruvian horse. The Spanish Jennet gave its even temperament and smooth ambling gait, the African Barb contributed great energy, strength and stamina while the Andalusian imparted its excellent conformation, action, proud carriage and beauty to the new breed. Once established, the Peruvian was maintained in its native country as a closed population, isolated by geography and the dedication of its creators from the influence of additional outside blood.
Today, the Peruvian transmits its smooth gait to all purebred foals. No artificial devices or special training aids are necessary to enable the horse to perform its specialty – a natural four- beat footfall of medium speed that provides a ride of incomparable smoothness and harmony of movement.


National Pony Society

NPS America promotes, supports and recognizes Mountain & Moorland and British Riding Ponies in the United States in addition to fostering the welfare of ponies in general.

The United Kingdom’s National Pony Society was developed to encourage the breeding, registration and improvement of British Riding and Mountain & Moorland ponies and to foster the welfare of ponies in general and is honored to have HRH The Princess Royal as its patron. The organization has continually recognized the importance of the Mountain & Moorland breeds – the Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, British/Scottish Shetland and Welsh ponies.


BLM Wild Horse & Burro

Tennessee Walker (Plantation)